Pilot Feasibility Study

Pilot Feasibility Study

In the spring of 2013, a study was undertaken to examine the feasibility Definition:A study to examine the strengths and weaknesses, the resources needed, and the likelihood of success of a project of the Taxi Dog curriculum when implemented in the "real world" setting of elementary school classrooms. The primary research question investigated the degree to which the Taxi Dog program’s objectives and procedures were put into everyday practice.

Nine kindergarten to 3rd grade teachers completed pre- and post-implementation measures on their background, program implementation and fidelity, and their opinions of the Taxi Dog program. Teachers also participated in interviews to gather in-depth information about 1) their experiences with implementing the Taxi Dog Curriculum and 2) their recommendations for improvement.

Researchers: Kimberly A.Schonert-Reichl,Ph.D., Professor, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia (kimberly.schonert-reichl@ubc.ca), Molly Stewart Lawlor, MA, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia, (molly@mollylawlor.com)

The Findings:

  • 100% of teachers reported:
    • They would use the program again and would recommend it to a colleague.
    • The online training information was sufficient to implement the program.
    • The Taxi Dog program had a positive or very positive effect on the students in their classrooms.
  • 89% of teachers reported that Taxi Dog positively influenced their own teaching practice.
  • Analysis of teacher interview data revealed:
    • The benefits of program components (video story, puppets, PAUSE practice)
    • The ease with which the Taxi Dog program can be combined with other SEL programs and areas of the curriculum
    • The benefits of Taxi Dog’s curriculum delivery via the web

Key Findings:

1. Teachers reported a high rate of implementation fidelity.
2. Results suggest "buy-in" for the program from teachers.
3. Teachers perceived a positive effect on students and on their teaching practices.

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"It was easy to administer and the materials were engaging with the students. The videos and the puppets were a unique way to capture student attention. "

Grade 2/3 Teacher