What's Coming

The Taxi Dog team are hard at work creating tools, scripts, videos, books and more! What's in the works:

  • Sixteen more The Adventures of Taxi Dog video story scripts are written and we’re working on securing funding to film the episodes.
  • The Maxi curriculum will be expanded once the new video stories are complete. There will be up to four new lessons per video story, that will be sequenced across early elementary grade levels
  • An American Sign Language version of Maxi-Taxi-Saurus. Watch a sneak preview here:

  • A storybook of each video story

  • A family section on our website with SEL home activities
  • A Maxi app
  • A new Maxi puppet created at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop and designed in partnership with lead puppeteer, Martin Robinson. The new Maxi will be even more lifelike and expressive than the puppet used in the pilot episode.

Making the New Maxi Puppet from Taxi Dog Educational Program on Vimeo.